Starting Your Clothing Line

Ever thought of owning your own clothing line? Who has not been in a store to find the ugliest design you’ve ever seen, charge $ 50 and more? Or walked through the street and wondered how a man could afford to be seen in such an ugly article of clothing? If you’ve ever thought to yourself if they could design it and someone bought it, why not?

Let me guide you through your own complete fledge clothing line. These few tips can benefit anyone who is interested in having a clothing line.

Do Ensure You Know your market – Any business book or self-help guru will always tell you this, but when it comes to the fashion industry this is especially important. Your market determines how much you can sell your clothes, which clothing style, which colors, and also your clothing line name. It is very important you do your research, and this does not always have to be in the form of sitting at a computer and looking up some boring statistical data. Go to the market, view shopping malls, cinemas and wherever your ideal market is. Get magazines that focus on your demographics, TV shows, as well as your own closet. Ask yourself why you spent your money on the clothing items you got.

Hang out with like-minded people – This step has personally saved countless hours of torture because you will learn from other people mistakes. A simple search engine question from Fashion Forums will provide some indispensable information on websites where other owners of clothing lines, both successful ones and does ones that didn’t hang out with other people to discuss the fashion industry, the techniques to use on your clothing line as well as sellers for printing and clothing.

Name it – This happened to be one of the most time-consuming but rewarding parts. Give your clothes a name. Come up with a catchy clothing line name that really shows what your line is about. Ask yourself what perception you want your market to have about your clothing line, and give the name accordingly. This step is one of the most important, having a name worth mentioning is the key, if not there won’t be a reason for a store take a chance on your production line, and also why would a consumer want to wear your clothes if your name does not fit on the market?

Make it Inc – When you know your market, and you have peers in forums who are willing to answer any questions, also you have a catchy name, at this point, it’s time for you to put it in the record books. Incorporating itself can be an entire article, but be informed in advance, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can always pay lawyer a few hundred dollars to do it for you, or you can do some research and save a lot of money. The government definitely wants small businesses, so it only makes sense that they would help us form whatever they do. Visit your local state government home page and search for starting a business and you will definitely have everything you need.

Designs- If you are a graphic designer, that means you are ahead of the game, but for the average person, you need someone to design your shirts. This step has been simple since the invention of the internet! Write an ad on one of the countless classified ads that a graphic designer advertises for a clothing line project and then look at your inbox. Graphic designers can charge costs per hour or project, although I propose to go only with those who charge the project. The basic prices can vary from $ 30 – $ 1,000.00, but it depends on what you want to do and who you are talking to. Look around and you will be glad that you did it. Added in this step, if you do want a fully inflated clothing line, as opposed to just a shirt with a design, you would also like to see how a graphic designer can make a logo for you. Again, the costs can be nominally $ 50 to $ 800.

Research – When you have your designs, no clothes, what now? Well, re-doing a simple online search from wholesalers can attract some great sources of blank T-shirts, jackets, and jeans. This where Inc comes in handy. One of the forms you want to fill out is the license number of the sales and usage tax though these form names vary from state to state). With this number, you can buy goods at wholesale prices instead of the retail trade. If you decide not to go this route, there is another great source is your local flea market, where they sell at bulk prices and also have excellent quality clothing.

Print It – when you have your design together with your clothing, then the next thing is the printer. This is usually the most expensive part of your clothing line and for a good reason. because if you just go for the cheapest, that’s exactly what you will get. Research printers you have in your area, request for their previous jobs and also references. Here the forum mentioned above is very useful. You can talk to the forum about printers in your area and see if anyone has experience with it. Word of mouth is also very important. Also know that the more clothing you print, the cheaper the cost per item will be.

Let the fun begins – Now is the most exciting and frightening part. You have your clothes, and they are looking good, well let’s say not so good because they are still sitting in your living room and collecting dust. Market your clothes. There are so many ways and possibilities that this can be done. But keep in mind that this should be treated as your baby, and if you pay the right attention to your clothing, then show it! Go to trade fairs, you can as well open a table at the flea market, sell your suitcase, go to shops and offer wholesale prices, renting a kiosk in the local shopping center is also advisable, give away a lot of clothes for free just to create buzz, bother your family to buy your clothes and ask them to show them to all their friends. Do make sure you do everything necessary to get your clothes to your consumer.

There you have it, certainly not exhaustive, but am hopeful that all these tips should be very useful. You can start selling your own clothing on virtually any budget.


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