When I was young, I often used to hear my mom asking my dad to bring some pampers for my younger sister. I never knew that pampers is a name of a famous brand name for baby diapers till I got old. 

Companies like Apple, Colgate, Pepsi, Maggie have such a high level of brand awareness that sometimes customers forget the generic names of the product and replace them with the brand name.

A brand is a name, term, design, or symbol that makes a particular seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers. 

Brands are utilized in business, promoting, and publicizing for acknowledgment and, critically, to make and store an incentive as brand value for the item distinguished, to the advantage of the brand’s clients, its proprietors, and investors. 

Now how to grow your brand is a tricky job. Acquiring an edge in the present competitive business climate is certainly a challenge. 

There are countless businesses out there competing for the spotlight, if one needs to stand out from the crowd, he has to think something out of the box.

Here are a few things to consider in order to grow your brand:

10 Ways to Grow Your Brand

1. Target your audience

Thorough knowledge of your target audience is essential in order to grow your brand. This can be achieved by performing in-depth research about the likes and dislikes of your consumer. A buyer persona will help you to communicate with your audience in a way that directly appeals to them.

It is important to know your ideal consumers more intimately so you can more effectively market to them. This encourages you to create a strong bonding between your product and the target audience. 

2. Make your presence felt

An important characteristic of a successful brand is the way it launches itself on social media. To reach out to a broader audience many reputed brands spend reasonable sums on the advertisement.

 We might not have that much of a budget but we can smartly make use of many available free resources to get our product recognized on a global scale. 

Mediums like blog sites, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram is an easy way of reaching out to a broad range of customers. This method undoubtedly improves your chances of expanding your virtual visibility.

3. Set a standard

There is an old saying: “it takes years to build a reputation, and only seconds to destroy it”.

It is imperative to set a fair standard for your product. Once the standard is set, the next goal is to maintain that standard and gradually raise it. Any other policy will be detrimental to the growth of your brand. 

Being consistent helps earn the trust of the customer, if a promise is made it needs to be kept. However, there is no need to push yourself beyond your known limits.

4. Never compromise quality for quantity

One most common mistake that a seller makes is to commit more than the productive limit. 

Always remember one basic rule- quality over quantity. Though committing extra might expand your exposure, once the quality of your product is compromised the reputation of the brand will be badly hurt.

At this point, it is essential to hire more help so that you can transition forward smoothly. 

5. Be in line with the latest trends

Companies must learn about and take advantage of new marketing trends to grow and sustain their businesses. A good seller must keep himself abreast with the latest marketing trends and try and incorporate them into his marketing strategy. 

The main purpose behind this is to make every reasonable attempt to fit what you’re selling to what’s selling.

6. Be competitive

For a brand to be successful it needs to be as competitive as possible. This includes having a whole team working behind a brand, from the most basic clerical specialists to those in a more powerful position. There is no use in sitting back and see your competitors flourish. A successful brand goes above and beyond consumer expectations to remain on the leading edge of its industry.

7. Car wraps

Car wraps are also one of the tried strategies if you want to grow your brand. Car wraps are customized designs that can cover your entire car and advertise your product for free. 

They can attract a substantial amount of attention, and it’s a great way to ensure that wherever you go, people are becoming more familiar with your brand. 

8. Freebies

Free stuff is always cherished. You can put your brand’s name on stuff like pens, keychains, etc., and present them to neighbors, friends, and other acquaintances. This may attract several customers and eventually increase the leverage of your product.

9. Visual representation

Logos are the visual representation of your brand. They have the potential to connect and reinforce a brand’s core values and principles. Logos thus serve as symbolic benefits and play a vital role in connecting the company to its customers. 

A good logo is memorable and distinguishes you from everyone else and fosters brand loyalty. 

10. A good tag line

A tagline is a short phrase that states your brand’s overall purpose. A good tagline will always be memorable for a customer. Sometimes audience becomes more likely to remember your tagline than your name.


With methodology, patience, a tad of karma, and sincere hard work you can undoubtedly grow your brand identity to its peak potential and watch it prosper. All that is genuinely expected of us, is the obligation to get it going and own it. 

If a business is given appropriate time, care and love there is no doubt that it will provide you with a level of satisfaction solely reserved for the one who’s earned it.


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